Ten Things Young CEOs Seem Likely To Get Wrong

Inspired by my own experiences and the experiences of others….written as stream of consciousness without any editing or re-writes :)


The difference between a real A+ hire and everyone else

That their business isn’t the only one with problems despite all the buzz about how every other startup is “killing it”

Underestimating the negative impact a bad VC and/or a misaligned VC can have on the business

Overestimating the positive impact a good VC will have on the business

Forgetting that raising money isn’t itself something to celebrate…it’s the opportunity to do something worth celebrating (hat tip to @dharmesh)

Assuming that great individual contributors will be great managers…and thus putting people in to positions in which they are destined to fail

Bottling up and ignoring emotions when the going gets tough and depression/heartburn sets

Avoiding conflict and thus prolonging tough discussions that need to be made for the business to succeed

Justifying hiring someone when it doesn’t feel “right” rather than waiting for someone better

What would you add or remove from the list?